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A new era for companies! Wevent is here with extraordinary features for both your intraco events and open events!

A new era: WePass

A new side benefit for employees: WePass

Are you ready to support your employees in their personal, sectoral and cultural development process? It’s very simple with WePass!

Use the benefits that Wevent organisers give to you!

Follow the right-fit events for your company and don’t lose the chance to get special offers!

Follow the development of your employees, learn more about them!

You can observe the events that your employees go, see their feedback , analyse and report via the easy-to-use Dashboard!

Organising an intraco was never this easy!

Sharing private events with your employees or your clients was never this easy. Now you can ease the process with Wevent. We’re only a click away!


Are you ready to move your company one step further?

With the simple and useful dashboard we created for companies the control is in your hands. Start creating your intraco events and giving your employees a side benefit to join more self development events.

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